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Our company has produced Super Low-leakage filter



Our Power Line Filters according to the customer requirement to satisfy the IEC939-1, IEC939-2, EN133200 UL1283, CSA C22.2No.8, GB/T15287, GB/T15288, VDE0565-3 standards.

    The filters involved in this manual is composed assive components (L.R.C.), including common-mode(CM) and differential-mode (DM) insertion loss net., The greater the mismatch of filter impedance to input termination, the more difficult the interference signal will pass through, and stronger the filter is in block.
Insertion Loss:
     Insertion Loss (IL) is the ratio of the voltage at the circuit termination before and after the insertion of the filter.
Considering the test & calculation, where cause: source impedance=load impedance=50 expressed in terms of
the voltages:
Operating Current:
     Under different environment (especial under environment temperature), operating current lop must be a bit of regulated, which up-limited classify temperature is 85 will be calculated as below: lop=IN (85-θ)/45 θ=actual operating environment temperature
Leakage Current:
     Leakage current is a current passing through phase line or neutral line to ground. It is mainly caused by the capacitors (called Y capacitors) to the earth. The maximum value of the leakage current have to be limited for safety.
Withstanding voltage test method
    Standard request: voltage from 0 with the speed lower than 150v/s raised slowly up to test voltage, the time will be counted of 1 minute beginning from the test voltage. Test voltage must be reduced to 0 once test time is over, and discharge the voltage of the internal capacitor of the filter through a suitable resistor.
       Our company accept the customer’s special order, including OEM.
       (All data only for reference, please subject to the final objects; Any changes on data will not be informed separately)  

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