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Shijiazhuang Tuoda Scientific and Trade company is a company specialized in manufacturing EMC ang information security products. Our company has many experts who design electro—magnetic shield products and machinery electronic products as
well advanced mold Processing, icmanufacturing and laser processing facilities, besides, our company has many engineers who have the certificates and can teas and assemble metal welding,integrated notwork, aeration, air-condition, fire-proof, security, network tesing.

      Our business involves hi-capacity computer room, welded and assembled shield room, shield meeting room, CA certificatl center, MRI room,auditive room , brainelectronic wave room, muffled room for industrial and medical use. Our products are used widely in the areas of government, army, scientific and research institution, scaling and testing, postaand communication, police and information security the quality. The quality of our products and service has reach the advanced level of foreign and domestic levels.

TEL:0311- 85969560 87968379 FAX:0311-85968960 E_mail:sale@cnemc.net cnemc@yahoo.cn
Shijiazhuang Tuoda scientific research and trade Co.Ltd